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SONOSHAPE Ultrasound Regional Slimming Cavitation Device
  • You don't need to go to beauty centers anymore!

    SONOSHAPE is the last technology for removing of fat cells, healing cellulite and relieving of pain.

    1.Fat Removal: Sound waves produced by SONOSHAPE (ultrasound technology) are focused on fat cells, then disrupting cell walls provides liquefaction of fat tissue hence forcing it flow towards lymph canals. SONOSHAPE is a clinically demonstrated, patented device and system which is equipped by last technology, disrupts only fat cells by means of ultrasound cavitation waves. It has no any adverse side effect. Results show that SONOSHAPE is more efficient and more permanent than any other treatment method so far introduced. An average application of 6-10 sessions is enough for obtaining good results. One of the most important property of SONOSHAPE,is that there?s no formation of fat cells and cellulite again on applied areas. This effect cannot be provided by any other technique except SONOSHAPE.

    2.Healing Cellulite: By cellulite therapy application, orange shell view will be vanished, flaws on the skin will disappear.

    3.Pain Relief: Pain at elbows, anckles, or similar parts and joints can again be healed by applying SONOSHAPE.

    Ultrasound Therapy:

    Ultrasound therapy is one of the popular treatment forms of physical therapy. Therapeutic ultrasound will be used, as continuous echo or pulse echo. Due to its complex effects ultrasound therapy is classified as mechanical thermal therapy.

    Depending on therapy parameters (therapy frequency, echo type, dose, therapy duration and mode) a thermal effect comes from ultrasound therapy (thermal growth and reflecting from barriers to the tissue, for example, bones or joints) or a micro massage in the treated tissue segments in the foreground.

    • Hyperemisation
    • Acceleration of metabolic function (micro-circulation, diffusion processes)
    • Increasing the tensability of connective tissue structure (collagen fibres)
    • Alleviation of pain
    • Muscular deionizing and spasm resolution
    • Acceleration of the healing process
    • Stimulation of fracture healing

    Ultrasound will be reflected by air so, for the optimum conduction of the ultrasonic waves from the transducer to the tissue, you should use a coupling agent (ultrasound gel) or connect under water (sub-aqua).

    Therapy Information​

    SONOSHAPE® is a patented application method. With its special structure, by using electrostatic attraction and rubbing action , it provides biological effective oscillations on applied area. Different from the other theapies, these oscillations show a deep affect in all tissue components (skin connective tissue, subcutaneous fat tissue, muscles, blood).

    The following physiological effects of SONOSHAPE® are clinically proven:

    • Highly effective in reducing pain
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Effective in reabsorbing oedema
    • Promotes wound healing
    • Anti-fibrotic
    • Improves the trophicity
    • Rubor reduction
    • Detoxification
    • Improves the quality of the tissue

    During treatment, the patient holds a titanium contact element loosely between her fingers. The hand-held applicator is moved in a circular motion over the affected tissue, thereby creating the therapeutic effect of SONOSHAPE®.

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  • SONOSHAPE is the last technology, proved clinically which provides the disruption of cellulite and adipose tissue by ultrasound sound waves. SONOSHAPE speeds blood circulation, removes fat cells and there's no formation of fat cells and cellulite again on applied area.

    Steps in use;

    * Patient shall lay down on a matress or a special bed.

    * Prior to applying SONOSHAPE 5 minutes hand or vibration massage to heat up the body is recommended to the required part of the body

    * SONOSHAPE ultrasonic gel shall be applied to the required part of the body.

    * SONOSHAPE vibration head shall be applied by making circular motions on the region with a slight pressure

    * After finishing 20 min max application to the specified area, a hand or vibration massage again is recommended for 5-10 min. to accelerate the flow of liqufied fat to lymph canals.

    * If SONOSHAPE is used with regular sport and diet in medical doctor control, removal of cellulit and excess fat cells will be definitelly much faster.


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