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ROTAWASH Cabin Type Automatic Washing Machine
  • Powerful wash-rinse-drying process with drum / work piece rotation and tilting!​




    • Effective washing of whole surfaces of the work piece with high volume spraying and rapid liquid feding to cabin.
    • With rotational motion, whole complicated surfaces, oil channels, blind holes, water jackets of work piece is provided completely clean and dry.
    • Hermetic operation system prevents the diffusion of water vapour formed during whole operation.
    • The machine has sound and durable body construction.
    • Automatic water supply and chemical design system provide minimum system (maintenance) care and maximum operation performance.
    • The machine has sound and durable body contruction.
    • The water contact surfaces are made of stainless stell.
    • Body covers and control panels are made of epoxy painted stell sheets,which are provided and guaranteed long and continious working life.



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