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MISCO Vapor-Mist and Smoke Collector
  • It is a water vapor, aerosol, smoke, oil mist filtering / separating device. Also allows condensing and recycling the condensed liqud back to the sump The particulate-smoke-gas-water in the air sucked in is filtered through the vapor separation units.

    The saturated oil-water etc. contained in the air is also separated and recovered, and the air is cleaned by 98% of the dry air. Removal of parts washing machines vapor-mist, Welding fumes, Oily air off CNC machines In the industry and even In the industrial kitchens a lot of oil mist, various gases, fumes and dusts are mixed into the air and create a risk of fire.

    In addition, they are inhaled by workers and cause damage especially to the lungs, respiratory tracts and other vital organs. For this reason, harmful substances such as gas, dust, smoke and similar substances must be cleaned by absorbing harmful substances in terms of safety and health.

  • Parts washing machines Welding fumes, Allows removal of oil vapor and recovery of existing fluid in CNC machines Automotive - Metal Processing – Food Industry - Industrial Kitchens - Steel - Casting - Chemical Industries etc.

  • The above system shows the working principle


    1-Entry of dirty smoke –vapor- mist

    2-Condensation with laminar flow over the walls

    3-Disintegration of the particles passing through the filter

    4-Recycling of condensing liquid

    5-Dry and clean air evacuation


  • TOFAŞ Automobile Factory INTERSONIK parts washing machine

    SAMSON Valve Manufacturing Co INTERSONIK parts washing machine


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