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Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

  1. Automotive spare parts such as engine blocks, shock absorbers, pistons, valves, cranks, gears, fuel pumps, rims etc.
  2. Machining burrs
  3. Pressed parts
  4. Surface cleaning prior to coating and painting process


Suggested Products

  • ROBOWASH Ultrasonic Washing Machine with Robot Conveying System
  • K-MODEL Multi Station Ultrasonic Washing Machine
  • TUNNELWASH-US Ultrasonic Tunnel Type Washing Machine
  • ROTAWASH Cabin Type Automatic Washing Machine
  • S-JET Rotating Basket High Pressure Spray Type
    Washing Machine
  • SONDA Immersible Type Ultrasonic Washing Unit
  • HELIWASH Helical Type Washing Machine